June 20, 2018

Hifiman announces highly efficient Ananda headphone

June 20, 2018 DNBS 0

Most high-end planar magnetic driver headphones are difficult to drive and require powerful amplifiers to sound their best. Just ask anyone who has owned Hifiman’s legendary HE-6 headphones. The newest headphones from Hifiman, however, were […]

Xiaomi has launched Router 4Q in China

June 18, 2018 DNBS 0

A few weeks back, Xiaomi had launched the fourth generation of its router – Mi Router 4, and based on its official introduction, the router is also dubbed as a “fiber-level full-gigabit smart router.” And […]

Huawei to Launch MediaPad M5 and M5 Pro

June 12, 2018 DNBS 0

The Android tablet space might be closer to a barren wasteland than a thriving market, but that did not stop Huawei from announcing the MediaMad M5 and M5 Pro during MWC 2018 in February. Since […]

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