May 25, 2018

Reliance Jio announces Cricket Season Pack, gives 102GB data for 51 days at price of Rs 251

Reliance Jio announces Cricket Season Pack, gives 102GB data for 51 days at price of Rs 251

Jio has become a company for which no new occasion is small enough to not launch a new plan. As India prepares for the new IPL season, Jio has launched a new plan called Jio Cricket Season Pack that will give users 102GB data for 51 days at a cost of Rs 251.

The new plan, says Jio, will help its users stream the cricket matches on a Jio connection.

“Jio is introducing a Cricket Season Pack that will allow cricket lovers to get access to their favourite live matches on mobile and stream almost every live match throughout the duration of 51 days (Available at Rs 251 only, offering 102 GB Data). This is the first of its kind cricket pack launched by a network that is made for video and can enable millions of people to watch what they love, where they wish,” the company said in a note.

Apart from the new plan, Jio also announced Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan LIVE and Jio Cricket Play Along. The Dhan Dhana Dhan LIVE is a new feature in the Jio app that will let the Jio subscribers as well as non-Jio users watch cricket matches in this app. The Cricket Play Along is a new cricket game, which will be available (most likely because Jio hasn’t yet clarified this part) through the Google Play store.

Of the offers, today the most useful for users is likely to be the Cricket Season Pack. Whether you are going to use it to watch cricket or for just regular use, if you are in need of lot of data, this looks like an attractive Jio plan, giving you 102GB data for 51 days. In other words, by paying Rs 251 you get 2GB 4G data per day.

The new offer from Jio comes days after it announced that the Jio Prime users, who had subscribed to the service by paying Rs 99 last year, will continue to get the Prime benefits for one more year for free. For this year, they won’t have to pay Rs 99 prime membership fee. The new Jio user, however, will have to pay this amount to get the annual Prime membership.