December 11, 2017

Smartron expands to the Middle East, launches and

Smartron expands to the Middle East, launches and

Smartron Indian based company backed by Sachin Tendulkar has announced that it is expanding to other markets like Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and others in the Middle East. Initially, it will start with Srt Phone, the and will launch all their products in the next 6 to 8 months.

Along with other products, Smartron will also launch localized tronX experiences to all these devices. TronX is Smartron’s AI-powered IoT platform that connects a range of devices, sensors, and systems to the tronX core. Smartron recently announced a strategic tronX program with Flipkart for Billion brand. It also teamed up with Qualcomm to bring company’s Mesh Networking platform for IoT connected homes in India.

Earlier in the year, Smartron announced a research collaboration with the University of Southern California’s CHARIOT with an aim to transform education. The company said that it will tie-up with multiple partners to introduce all Smartron products across the market in the future.