June 19, 2018

Google launches Files Go, an app designed to manage and share files quickly

Google launches Files Go, an app designed to manage and share files quickly

At the Google for India event in New Delhi, the search giant announced Android Oreo (Go edition), a software experience design specifically for entry-level phones, launching along with the Android 8.1 update. As a stripped down version of Android Oreo, the new Go edition brings a set of light and optimised apps such as Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go and Files Go, which is a way to manage and share files.

The new Files Go app is designed to free up space on phones with storage as low as 4GB. The app provides suggestions to users on files that should be deleted to free up space. These could include unused apps, large or heavy files, duplicate files or low-resolution videos and memes detected by Google’s mobile vision technology.

Apart from helping clear up space, the Files Go app also feature smart filters allowing users to search for a particular file or folder faster. Users can also backup selected files to Google Drive or any third-party cloud storage app. Most notable, however, is the ability to share files with another person without using any data, a feature which is quite similar to Apple’s AirDrop or ShareIt. Sharing through Files Go uses Bluetooth to transfer files to nearby Android devices. However, for this to work, both the sender and receiver will need the Files Go app installed and opened, whereas AirDrop allows you to send files from any app to a nearby iOS or macOS device.

“Every day, millions of smartphones run out of space. While phones with 16GB or 32GB of storage are becoming more popular, many phones around the world have much less storage, often as low as 4GB. Users often struggle to keep on top of the storage space on their phones and are constantly having to choose between what to keep or delete. We’ve been testing Files Go for a month, and the average user is saving 1GB of space and has shared many files with others without using data,” Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next Billion Users, Google, said.

Files Go is now available on Google Play Store for phones running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher.