June 19, 2018

Samsung Launches AX7000 Air purifier with advanced PM2.5 filters

Samsung India has launched AX7000 Air Purifier in India that comes with advanced PM2.5 filters. The PM2.5 filter is a mechanical air filter that works by forcing air through a fine mesh and traps harmful particles in the air, and the AX7000 is capable of faster air purification with higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

The AX7000 covers a larger area with three-way air flow, and it also comes with Digital Inverter Motor which ensures durability and long-term energy efficiency. The CADR is capable of purifying the air at a rate of 773m3/h and covers a wider area of 93m2 through its front air inflow, dual fan, and three-way airflow technology. It comes with 4-step filtration system that powerfully purifies the Air.

The AX7000 which is powered by a Digital Inverter Motor and equipped with filters that can trap 99% of PM2.5. It comes with digital indicators and color lights that shows the pollution drop on a real-time basis and the three sensors gives you the exact numeric measurement of the PM2.5 (ultra-fine dust) and PM10 (fine dust) levels. The AX7000 is slim and fits anywhere.

Samsung apart from AX7000 is also launching AX3000 which is a trim down variant. The AX7000 is priced at Rs. 41,990, and the AX3000 costs Rs. 15,490. Both products are available across leading offline and online stores.