June 19, 2018

Gboard v6.8 brings handwriting keyboard, to get Motion Stills for GIF creation and more

Gboard v6.8 brings handwriting keyboard, to get Motion Stills for GIF creation and more

Gboard after bringing 40 additional languages support in the previous update is now receiving yet another update with version number v6.8. The new update brings features like handwriting keyboards; planning Motion Stills integration and more.

Up until today, Google had a separate app for handwriting input for text, and with today’s new update, Google has integrated the feature right into the Gboard keyboard application. To add the handwriting keyboard, head over to the Languages in Gboard settings and choose a language first and once you select, a carousel of different keyboard types now includes “Handwriting” among them. When you open the keyboard for the first time, you will have to download all the resources.

The handwriting integration it almost the same as it was on the dedicated app and at the bottom, you have quick access to numbers, symbols, emoji, and other keys. The update brings yet another feature which is the new handwritten emoji icon. The handwritten emoji input gains a new ‘smiley face’ icon which was a pencil previously. The handwritten keyboard does not seem to suggest emoji and no longer can draw and find emoji.

APK teardown by 9to5Google has revealed few features that Google might be added in the future updates and these features include a Fullscreen handwriting where users will be able to use the handwriting keyboard in fullscreen instead of half screen which is currently available. A code regarding the motion Stills integration for GIF creation reveals that the Gbaord might get the ability to use ‘Motion Stills’ to quickly create and share GIFs. Users will be prompted to download the Motion Still app from Play Store and from the Gboard you will be able to launch it.

Another feature that the future update might bring is the automatic space after entering a punctuation. You can wait for Google to make the Gboard V6.8 available to you through Play Store or manually download APK from here and sideload it.