May 28, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rose Pink Color coming Soon

Samsung indeed redeemed itself from last year’s Note 7 fiasco. The entire world was horrified. Imagine how it was like for the company. With the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, there’s no other place to go but up.

The Korean tech giant is unstoppable. The company pulled all stops to make sure that the latest S8 is the best device. At the rate the S8 is going, it is indeed the best smartphone around currently.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rose Pink Color coming Soon

To up the ante more, Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S8 Rose Pink in Taiwan. It became an instant hit as the Note 4 also had a version of it. A lot of female buyers clamored to have one. It had soft pink hue, perfect for the gentle yet modern fashionista.

With its successful Taiwan launch, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Rose Pink may head out to take world domination. According to BGR, Samsung started the Rose Pink in July but not available for purchase easily. For a moment, the Rose Pink may just be available in selected markets such as Taiwan. However, Samsung may have changed its mind. The Rose Pink color option may make its way to the world market.

There will be no orange hue for Samsung. They are sticking to the soft pink color. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Rose Pink might launch in Eastern Europe next as per Phone Arena. Even better, the Rose Pink S8 may make its appearance in next month’s IFA.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Rose Pink is one unique device. Rose Pink may even be a highly desired and copied color. Other competitors may even take the cue from Samsung to have its share of a pink hue. It is best to stay tuned for more updates.